Friday, January 21, 2011


So, over the holidays I ordered a new SSD for my PC, as I hadn't had one yet.

For the uninformed, SSD means Solid State Drive. It's basically a different kind of hard drive, better in every way barring storage space. They're much smaller, much faster, and harder to break.

Anyway, after a fresh windows install, I discovered the 'under-10-second boot time'. After installing chipset & video drivers its up to about 23 seconds. Compared to the 2 minutes of before, this is brilliant. Finding things on the hard drive has proven faster, formatting was faster, and pretty much everything's been better.

Basically, I love my new SSD. It's amazing, and now I've got a ton of hard drive sorting to do for my couple terabytes of data.


  1. So, in a nutshell, SSD's are great for shortening boot times?
    What about installing a game on one, would that be wise to fasten loading times?

    Was thinking of buying one

  2. What is the biggest advantage of SSD over HD? Isn't it more expensive?

  3. Question about these, can you put certain parts of a program files- file on here? Or does the entire directory have to be there?

    I've got a 100 gig steam folder, and I want to put part of my Arma2 folder on there for faster loading.
    Can you do that? Or does the entire steam directory have to be there?

  4. Nice! Have you run HD Tune or something like it yet?

  5. How big is the SSD, if you don't mind my asking?

  6. @tcrosso Yes. To both questions. While it wont do a heck of a lot in improving actual performance of a game (if it's choppy, it's still gonna be choppy), but it'll cut way down on load times. After a fresh install of windows (no video drivers yet, just chipset), it took my computer 10 seconds to go from no power to fully booted. Video drivers nearly doubled that :(

    @eloninja: It wont break. Or rather, it's way less likely to break - there's no moving parts at all. And it's a hell of a lot faster. The disadvantages are in storage space and cost.

    @EvilWaffles: I was wondering that myself; I'll let you know what I come up with. I was going to experiment with Steam specifically to find out.

    @Evan Nah; just finally finished getting all my data sorted. Formatted everything. I had 2 TB of stuff spread out through 5 HDDs... needed to clean it all out.

    @Snuggs Just a 64 GB. My OS, a couple games, and the programs I've got running in the background all the time are going on it. Not even using it for My Documents insofar as I can avoid it.

  7. So how much did it set you back?

  8. Cost me 70$, free shipping. 64 GB hard drive.

    Also, @EvilWaffles again: Steam is apparently very obnoxious and doesn't let you customize specific install locations. There's a few weird workarounds for it, but generally more hassle than they're worth.

  9. Its always really fun to startup a new computer build or adding upgraded component and seeing how they work.

  10. What would you be using terabytes of data for on a personal computer, anyways? I can barely begin to think about how to fill that sort of space.