Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple Sucks.

Alright, today I'm going to open up that regular ol' can of worms.
I'm a PC user.

I don't like Apple.

Mac computers - pretty decent.  The company that makes them - the devil.

I get the appeal of Apple.  They've got an amazing ad campaign, and in theory, their computers are easier to use (frankly I find them overly difficult to use, but that's just me).

I suppose my big beef with Apple is that they hate everything that's not Apple.  Their commercials don't promote Apple products, they bash everyone else.  They don't let anyone have access to the hardware, they even went so far as to use (or possibly create) the most ridiculous screw ever so people couldn't open their hardware.

I'm a big open source kinda guy - and Apple sucks.


  1. I'm big on Open Source, and so is Reaver Publishing as a result, so yeah, I dislike Apple. It gets even worse when you read the article did on them.

  2. Ha! That picture is awesome, I really can't think of a better use for a mac.

    Overpriced junk in my opinion.

  3. Open source is definitely better than a lack of it. The only good thing I heard about apple was their customer service.

  4. So, I'm definitely going to put that in my apartment- make one of course- One of the roomates is a sworn in Mac user, while the other 2 guys, and I- are pro-PC.